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Knowing When It Is Time to Get Divorced

Posted on in Divorce

TX divorce lawyerYou have likely heard the statistics about how about half of marriages end in divorce. They are often repeated for a reason. Not only is it true that most marriages do not last forever, but this also means that many people who marry will experience divorce at some point in their life.

Divorce does not mean that you have failed as a couple or as a spouse. You may have been very much in love and very much right for each other at the time you got married. However, life happens, and people change. Or, you may have begun to realize that you married too young, for the wrong reasons, or because getting married felt obligatory. If your marriage is no longer bringing you joy, but is instead causing you stress or pain, it may be time to end the marriage. It is important to be represented by an attorney if you do decide that divorce is the best option for you, even if your divorce is likely to be amicable. 

Tips for Making a Decision About Divorce 

It is not always easy to decide whether divorce is the right option for you. Some things to do when making a decision include:


Can You Modify Child Custody in Texas?

Posted on in Child Custody

TX custody lawyerHandling child custody agreements can be tiring, and sometimes life changes and your agreement may require modifications. As life situations change, you may need to adjust your child custody agreement to keep your child comfortable and safe. Luckily, in the state of Texas, you can modify your agreement under certain circumstances. A child custody lawyer can help you follow the legal procedures to do so.

When Can Child Custody Be Modified in Texas?

The Texas court system always looks at the child's best interests when modifying child custody agreements. Here are a few circumstances where you can ask the court for a modification of your child custody agreement: 

  • One parent needs to move - When a parent has to relocate, the child custody agreement will need to be modified to reflect the new arrangement. It is important to note that parents who share custody cannot usually move without permission from the court and the child’s other parent. 
  • One parent relinquishes their rights - If one parent decides to give up their parental rights, it allows the other parent to step in and make modifications to the agreement. However, giving up parental rights or having them removed is rare and typically only happens under circumstances of severe abuse, neglect, or abandonment.  
  • Safety concerns for the child - One parent may request a change to keep the child safe from physical or mental harm. If you are trying to modify a custody order because violence or neglect is present, you will need to provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. 
  • The other parent is not following the agreement - If one parent violates the condition of the custody agreement, then you can request a modification or ask the court to enforce the order.

How Can I Modify My Child Custody Arrangement in Texas?

In Texas, you must follow the following steps to modify a child custody agreement: 


Plano, TX divorce mediation lawyerGoing through a divorce is emotionally complicated and draining. The legal process is also tricky, but you can simplify things by adding mediation to your divorce. Divorce mediation offers more support and communication between both parties. With the help of an experienced divorce attorney, you can enjoy all the benefits of mediation and try to keep an amicable relationship with your ex-partner. 

Is There Less Conflict With a Mediation in a Divorce?

Contested divorces cause a lot of tension and animosity between spouses. In contrast, mediation offers a collaborative environment to settle issues. Mediation calls for a neutral third party present to encourage a stable agreement that both parties can agree to. 

Is It Cheaper to Use Mediation in a Divorce?

In a typical contested divorce, both parties must worry about court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses. With mediation, there are no lengthy, drawn-out court proceedings, which means you will need your attorney less. 


Plano, TX military divorce lawyerMilitary families face a unique set of challenges that can make the divorce process even more complex. The military has its own legal system, which can be different from the civilian legal system. This can make it difficult for military couples to understand their rights and options during divorce. If you are a military couple considering divorce, then it is best to seek legal help from an experienced Texas divorce attorney right away.

How Does Deployment Affect Divorce?

Military deployments can put a strain on any marriage. It can be especially difficult for couples who are going through a divorce. The service member may be gone for months or even years, and they may be exposed to danger and trauma. The non-military spouse may be left to care for the children and household alone, and they may also have to deal with financial hardship.

What Happens to the Benefits?

Military couples who divorce may lose some of the benefits they were entitled to as a couple, such as health insurance, housing, and retirement pay. It is important to understand how divorce will affect your benefits before you file.


Collin County, TX child support lawyerA top priority of any father is ensuring his child's needs are met. If you are not receiving the child support owed by your ex-spouse, do not worry—there are steps you can take to make sure your child gets the support they deserve.

You can start by filing a petition for child support with the Collin County Family Court. This is a common route where the court calculates child support based on both parents' incomes, the number of children, and their needs.

If you and your ex-spouse can work together, you might negotiate a child support agreement. This friendly approach can be put into a court order to ensure your child's financial stability.

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