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Divorce Is Never Easy, But We Are On Your Side

Facing an unhappy marriage or family life can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Many spouses go through a wide range of emotions before making the final decision to end a marriage. When you are ready to take the next step in your life by filing for divorce, we can help protect your future as much as possible.

The Law Office of Brian Bagley, PLLC, focuses our practice on helping North Texas spouses and families walk down the long path of divorce. We work to bring hope back into people’s situations. Our goal is to protect your best interests and ensure you and your children are set up for success.

Setting You Up For The Best Case Scenario

Watching your future and family life change is difficult enough. We can work to ensure your financial situation, house and children’s lives are prioritized during a divorce. We can fight for fair child support, spousal support and child custody or parenting schedules that keep your children’s lives stable.

Avoiding Complex, Lengthy Divorces

Unless you are going through a divorce that is uncontested, you may have some bumps along the road. Texas divorces have some nuanced laws that make the process complex such as:

  • Divorce petitions take at least 60 days to be finalized and often take up to one year.
  • Legal separation laws state that anything you buy while separated can still be split or taken by your spouse.
  • The property division process splits everything you own as community property – including your spouse’s debts. This includes couples with significant assets.
  • Neither party needs to prove fault to get a divorce. However, when a judge decides how to split property, they may carefully consider wrongdoing.
  • Costs can accrue if either party dates someone before the divorce is final. When all your assets are split, you may end up paying more to cover the costs of dating.

Our firm can also help individuals going through a military divorce or other serious family law matters. We take pride in advising clients and helping them understand their legal options during hard times, which can include mediation and arbitration instead of a traditional courtroom divorce.

We Want To Hear Your Story

Understanding your background, your family and your relationships can help us understand how to help you. Call 972-910-2203 today for a free consultation to discuss your story and, most importantly, your goals for the future. You can also request an appointment online.

There is hope after divorce. Together, we will work toward achieving the new chapter you are envisioning.