How Should I Talk to My Child About Divorce?

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Texas family law attorneyEven when it is in the best interests of your family, divorce is a difficult topic for most kids. Concerns about family life are normal, in this case, and it is up to you to assuage your child's fears.  According to, the way you break the news to your kids can have a huge impact on their feelings toward the matter. Here are a few methods you can use to talk to your children about divorce. 

Emphasize Safety and Security

While you should always communicate openly and honestly to kids, make sure they know are still safe and secure. Many children wrongfully assume that divorce means they did something wrong, which is extremely distressing. Instead, explains that their relationships with each parent will not change and that they will continue to receive the same amount of love and affection from their parents. 

Use Clear, Simple Language

This is especially important with younger children. You do not need to go into unnecessary details about your split, but you must provide clear information on what it means going forward. For example, if your spouse is leaving the family home, kids should know that as soon as possible. Gauge each child's maturity level to decide how to break the news. 

Focus on the Positive

While it is definitely hard to look for the positive aspects of divorce, doing so can provide hope for the future. If you and your spouse fight consistently, explain that the divorce will result in a happier home overall. You can also explain that your children will have two places to call home, and will receive ample love and affection at both. Be prepared for many questions from your children. Also, expect a broad range of emotions. Kids can feel sad, angry, or even frustrated by the process, all of which are completely natural. 

Speak With a Compassionate Texas Divorce Lawyer

If you are considering a divorce and are having trouble with the idea of breaking the news to your children, an experienced Plano divorce attorney can offer helpful guidance. Call (972) 843-7158 for a free consultation at the Law Office of Brian Bagley today. We will do whatever we can to assist you in navigating a very difficult time in your life.  


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