3 facts about Child Protective Services


Child Protective Services are words no parent wants to hear. The tumultuous feeling of having your child forcibly taken from you is one you never thought you would have.

Has a CPS worker contacted you about a complaint the department received about the alleged neglect or abuse of your child? Can they take away your child? Here are some facts about Child Protective Services.

1. What do they investigate?

CPS protects the rights of the child by investigating reports of child abuse or neglect. The state requires CPS to investigate all allegations it receives, whether those claims are true or false. Neglect is failing to provide the child such things as:

  • Clothing
  • Housing
  • Educational needs
  • Safety
  • Supervision

2. What information can CPS gather during the investigation?

CPS needs to determine if your child is safe to remain in your home. A CPS worker will get information by:

  • Talking to people who may have called in the complaint
  • Taking pictures of the home
  • Looking at your child for evidence of injury or poor health
  • Getting copies of police reports and school and medical records

3. How long does an investigation last?

A CPS investigation should take no longer than 30 days. During this time, the investigator will determine if there was abuse or neglect or a possibility of future abuse or neglect. The investigator will also decide if your child is safe enough to stay in your home.

Your side of the story is vital, and you have the right to show CPS you can protect and keep your child safe.

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