What help is available to incarcerated parents paying child support?


Being an incarcerated parent is not easy. You lose many rights, which could include rights to seeing your child. However, one thing you do not lose is the responsibility to pay child support. The state of Texas understands, though, that paying your full child support obligation while incarcerated is almost impossible. That is why the Attorney General of Texas explains there is assistance to help you with your child support obligations while you are in prison.

The Child Support Division works with the criminal justice system to provide you with as much help as possible. Do note that these agencies cannot stop interest accumulating or provide any type of legal assistance.

What they can do is provide you with information about your child support case, review your case, help you with modifications or terms of your order. If you have paternity issues, they can assist with that as well. The main service, though, is modification of your order. They can get you to court on the matter and get reviews or adjustments to help make things more affordable for you.

These agencies will also help you when you get out to get you back on track and help you avoid issues with owing back support payments or not being able to continue payments once you get out. They will also direct you to other resources that can help you find a job and assist you with other issues you may have upon release. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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