How to get more out of a home you are selling after a divorce


When Texas residents go to sell a home during or after a divorce, they want a big return on their initial investment. This can be difficult, particularly in a weaker housing market or if the home must be sold quickly. Fortunately, there are some basic, simple things homeowners can do to increase the value of their home before it sells.

According to the Insider, it may be a good ideal to sell a home in the summer or spring if possible. Home values tend to rise during these seasons and can provide heightened competition. If the homeowner is not pressed to sell the home quickly, it may be easier to price it at the peak during these seasons.

One simple thing that homeowners can do that often gets overlooked is to simply make sure everything is functional. If there is a leak in a faucet or a cupboard that does not open, fixing those things can make a huge difference when potential buyers start walking through the home. A simple fix like a new microwave can provide a larger return on investment.

U.S. News & World Report also encourages homeowners to depersonalize the home as much as possible. When a potential buyer walks through, they want to picture the house as theirs, and that is hard to do when someone else’s stuff is all over. Sellers should remove memorabilia and family photos to give buyers a true blank canvas to create their own masterpiece.

Finally, sellers need to make sure that the home is available often. Many buyers like to look at houses on the weekends or evenings, which may not be as convenient for the homeowner. If there is stiff competition, a potential buyer may find another home in the time it takes the homeowner to get back to them if they wait an entire weekend.

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