Limited Scope Representation During Divorce

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Everything You Need to Know Regarding Limited Scope Representation

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plano divorce lawyer Limited scope representation is an alternative to traditional full-service representation in divorce cases. In limited scope representation, a lawyer provides legal services to a client for a specific part of a case rather than representing them throughout the entire case. Today, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding limited scope representation. As always, contact a divorce attorney who provides such services to start the process for all matters relating to limited scope representation. 

Unpacking What Exactly Limited Scope Representation Entails

As touched upon at the outset, limited scope representation allows clients to hire a lawyer to handle specific aspects of the case. Many reasons exist for someone deciding to hire an attorney for limited scope representation in their divorce case. For example, one of the primary reasons some people opt for limited scope representation is its cost-effectiveness, as it allows clients to pay for only the legal services they need rather than paying for full-service representation. Limited scope representation can also be helpful for clients who wish to have more control over their case, as they can handle some aspects of their case independently while still receiving legal guidance from an attorney. 

In divorce cases, limited scope representation can be used for various tasks, such as preparing documents, providing legal advice, and representing the client at a specific hearing or trial. The lawyer and client will agree upon the particular scope of representation, and the lawyer will provide legal services for those specific tasks. 

What Are the Limitations of Limited Scope Representation? 

Limited scope representation does come with certain limitations. For example, the attorney will only be responsible for specific tasks they have been hired to perform. This means the client is responsible for handling all other aspects of their case. Additionally, if the client needs additional legal services beyond what was initially agreed upon, they will need to hire a lawyer for additional representation.

Contact a Collin County Limited Scope Representation Attorney

Ultimately, limited scope representation can be a cost-effective and flexible option for clients in divorce cases. However, the practicality of this approach relies mainly on the particulars of the divorce case. While limited scope representation may make sense for some people, it may not suffice for others. It all depends on your specific situation. For any questions regarding this form of legal representation, contact the skillful Plano limited scope representation lawyer with Law Office of Brian Bagley. Call (972) 843-7158 for a free consultation.


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