Can a marriage be repaired after cheating?


When it comes to marriage, most couples find it difficult to bounce back after infidelity. An extra-marital affair will make you feel betrayed and unloved, as well as making it almost impossible to trust your partner again when it comes to your relationship.

While it is perfectly reasonable to pursue a divorce after cheating, it is important that you give a lot of thought to your relationship and whether it can be salvaged. Here are a few important points to consider if you are faced with major decisions after finding out your spouse has been cheating.

Infidelity is different for every couple

Infidelity is classically defined as having a physical relationship with someone outside of the marriage. However, the definition has changed quite a bit in recent years as social media plays a more prevalent role in people's lives. Emotional affairs are an increasing concern among many couples, which occurs when a married person forms a deep emotional connection with someone else. Emotional affairs can be just as damaging as physical affairs, which is why many couples also categorize them as infidelity.

Affairs happen for many different reasons

It is easy to take a black and white view of cheating, especially when it is happening to you. However, the reasons behind affairs vary from relationship to relationship, and they are not always so cut and dried. Some spouses feel as though their needs are not being met in their relationship, so they seek out a connection with another person. Infidelity can also occur when one spouse has a personal issue, such as drug addiction, and refuses to seek help for it. Couples can also grow apart over time, or experience resentment due to unresolved marital disputes.

What it takes to heal after cheating

Marriage counseling is a must after infidelity has been discovered. The person involved in the affair must be accountable for his or her actions. Additionally, if you were the victim of infidelity you must be willing to work through the issue and offer forgiveness to your spouse. If either party is unable to take these steps, divorce may be the best option.

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