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Is Social Media Ruining Your Marriage?

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Collin County divorce lawyerOver the past several years, social networks have become a significant part of our lives. These sites allow us to connect with friends and family members, and share photos, thoughts, and opinions with others, no matter where we are. While this level of connection has many benefits, it can also have some negative effects. Social media is playing an increasing role in the breakdown of marriages. In fact, studies have shown that Facebook is involved in approximately 30 percent of all divorces.

How Addicted Are We?

According to some studies, the average person in the United States checks Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks 17 times each day. The latest industry statistics from 2020 reveal the following:

  • The average user spent more almost two hours and 30 minutes each day on social media.
  • Approximately half of the time the average user spent on their mobile device was accessing their social media apps.
  • Facebook use consumed the most amount of time, with the average user spending about two hours each day on the network.
  • The average user spent about 40 minutes a day on YouTube, 30 minutes per day on Snapchat, and 28 minutes per day on Instagram.

How Social Media Can Cause Relationship Issues

This amount of time focused on their social media accounts causes some people to neglect their personal relationships, and couples who spend more time on social media than they do interacting with each other are likely to experience relationship difficulties. 

Social media is designed to keep people engaged by providing a feedback loop in which people post information in hopes of getting “likes,” and the more validation they get, the more they want to continue to post. Unfortunately, this can lead to addictive behavior, with the instant gratification provided by social media causing one to devote energy to their online interactions rather than their personal relationships.

Social networks can also impact a relationship by encouraging “virtual infidelity.” The ability to connect with others in a seemingly private manner can lead people to share intimate details about their lives with others, and they may even begin to have online affairs with acquaintances, coworkers, or former romantic partners. Whether these virtual affairs involve sharing sexually explicit details or simply cause a person to become emotionally involved with someone other than their spouse, they can often be a major factor in the breakdown of a marriage.

Contact a Collin County Family Law Attorney

If your marriage has broken down, whether from your spouse’s excessive use of social media, infidelity, or any other reason, speaking with a Plano, TX divorce attorney can help you decide what legal options are the best ones for your family. Call Law Office of Brian Bagley at (972) 843-7158 to schedule a free consultation.


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