What is Limited Scope Representation in a Texas Divorce

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TX divorce lawyerMost people getting divorced in Texas choose to hire an attorney. For many years, the typical way to approach divorce was to hire an attorney who did everything from drafting letters to filing legal documents to appearing in court. This is still an effective strategy for many clients, but it may present challenges for clients who are conscious about their finances or who prefer to handle certain aspects of the divorce themselves.

Fortunately, the services an attorney can provide to their clients may now vary widely depending on the client’s needs, preferences, and budget. Texans who do not want or need full representation during their divorce can take an unbundled approach called “limited scope representation.” If you have budget concerns, anticipate having a fairly simple divorce, or merely wish to handle certain aspects of your divorce without the help of an attorney, this method may be appropriate for you.

What Is Limited Scope Representation?

Limited scope representation allows attorneys to work with clients in a very flexible way. Attorneys can provide legal advice, explain the divorce process, help set reasonable expectations, and draft or review documents, but the beauty in the arrangement is that you get to decide exactly how much help you want. You can set a budget, explain your priorities, and work with an attorney until you meet your budgetary restraints, or you can simply pick and choose which issues you wish to work on together.

For example, if a couple is trying to divorce amicably, spouses may want to file paperwork themselves, negotiate an asset division settlement, and agree on fair spousal maintenance payments. They may wish to hire an attorney who will review their agreements to ensure the terms are legal and fair, draft the final documents, and advise them on what to expect when they appear before a judge.

For other people, certain issues may be easier to settle while others require the help of an advocate. Spouses may be able to negotiate a co-parenting agreement but struggle over who gets to keep the marital home. Whatever your needs are, limited scope representation can be an effective solution.

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