Do We Need an Attorney to Get Divorced in Texas?

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plano divorce lawyerIn addition to the emotional stress of ending a relationship, many Texas couples facing divorce confront the additional challenge of figuring out how to pay for divorce. Divorce is notoriously expensive at times, and couples who think their divorce should be simple and straightforward may wonder if they can do it without hiring an attorney. 

Although there is software available online that guides couples through a “do-it-yourself” divorce, these programs are one-size-fits-all solutions that may neglect crucial issues. Before using these services or deciding to get divorced without any help at all couples should speak with an attorney to ensure that such a strategy is appropriate for their situation. 

Am I Legally Required to Hire a Divorce Attorney? 

Individuals are not legally required to have a divorce attorney, although if your spouse has already hired an attorney it is almost certainly a good idea for you to do so as well. You will be at a significant disadvantage in divorce proceedings if your spouse has legal counsel and you do not. Individuals without attorneys are at risk of agreeing to fundamentally unfair divorce decrees because they do not know their rights. 

An attorney will provide you with expert advice based on years of experience, reducing your stress and taking care of complex legal topics. An attorney can also help you avoid mistakes, which can cost much more time and money to fix than hiring an attorney from the onset. 

Can My Spouse and I Hire the Same Attorney? 

No, lawyers can only represent one member of a couple in a divorce. This is because attorneys have a binding legal obligation to protect the interests of their clients, and divorcing spouses naturally have conflicting interests. 

Can We Use Online Divorce Software? 

Although it is possible for couples to use online services to get divorced, this software is not a perfect solution. Spouses still need to ensure that papers are properly filed, and if any mistakes are made, it is the responsibility of the spouses to ensure they are fixed. Online services also do not prevent spouses from needing to appear in court at least once, when the court issues the final prove up of the divorce decree. If one spouse contests any issues, there will likely be a hearing or trial, and online divorce services cannot address this either.  

Speak With an Experienced Plano, TX Divorce Lawyer

Although getting divorced without an attorney may be best for some couples, getting the advice of an experienced Collin County divorce attorney can save you time and money. Understanding when a do-it-yourself divorce could be appropriate is essential to ensuring that you do not make expensive and time-consuming mistakes. Protect your interests by planning ahead. Schedule a consultation today with Mr. Brain Bagley at Law Office of Brian Bagley by calling our offices at (972) 843-7158


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