High-Asset Divorce

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High-Asset Divorces Require Experienced Representation

When you and your spouse have acquired numerous assets, it can make the divorce process that much more difficult. Having an experienced attorney at your side is crucial. The Law Office of Brian Bagley, PLLC, has worked with clients throughout Texas. We can help you understand your rights and fight for what you are entitled to.

Committed To Finding The Best Possible Solution

High-asset divorce cases can often be complex. Determining how you will divide a family business, multiple properties, investment accounts and more can be difficult. Our firm has the experience and knowledge needed to represent your best interests. Anything acquired during your marriage is considered community property. This means both parties have rights to these important assets. It’s important to know that anything you owned prior to your marriage is considered separate property and does not have to be shared.

Where things can get especially complicated is splitting retirement accounts. While each person individually earned their own paycheck, they were married while they accrued this money. The higher-earning spouse may have to give away some of their earnings to the lesser earning spouse. It all depends on your specific situation. We can analyze your case and discuss all potential solutions.

Don’t Wait; Call Today

It’s important to talk to a skilled attorney as soon as you have questions. If your high-asset divorce is not handled properly, you may walk away with less than you deserve. Trust a firm that values your best interests. Call our office in Plano today to schedule a consultation at 972-910-2203. You can also email us.