What Can I Do If My Spouse Is Making False Accusations in Our Texas Divorce?

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TX divorceEverybody has heard a nightmare scenario about someone who is getting divorced and has been falsely accused of child abuse, domestic violence, or other terrible behaviors. Spouses may be motivated to make false accusations because they believe that they are increasing their chances of success in a hostile contested divorce or custody dispute.

False allegations are serious and they can have a very harmful effect on the person against whom they are made. Unfortunately, as long as there are unfair people with ulterior motives, false accusations during divorce will continue. If you have had such accusations made against you, read on.

Why Would Someone Make False Accusations During a Texas Divorce?

Although it is impossible to read a dishonest person's mind, people are often not interested in playing fair during divorce because they believe they can get something out of it. The potential benefits of false accusations include:

  • Free legal support for victims of domestic violence
  • Free counseling
  • The chance to get full custody of a child
  • Sympathy and support from friends and family
  • Possession of the family home
  • Demoralizing or belittling the accused
  • Seeking revenge

It is unpleasant to think about a former partner doing such things, but they are fairly common in contested divorces. It is better to be aware and on your guard when such behavior begins to show up.

What Can I Do If I Have Been Falsely Accused?

It may be tempting for those who have had false accusations leveled against them to retaliate in kind, but this is the worst available response. Here are some suggestions for weathering false accusations and coming out on top:

  • If your spouse has filed a restraining order, obey the terms of the order completely. Do not contact your spouse or try to make them see reason.
  • Gather any evidence that can prove or suggest the claims are false, including phone calls, texts, legal records, photos, and more.
  • Keep detailed notes of your interactions with your spouse.
  • Work closely with a divorce lawyer who will help you build a strong defense against the accusations.

Meet with a Plano, TX Contested Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is hard enough without false accusations of misconduct, but when a spouse decides to take such a hostile route, it can turn divorce into a nightmare. The Collin County contested divorce attorney with the Law Office of Brian Bagley believes that divorce should be fair and transparent. Mr. Bagley will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that false accusations do not harm you during your divorce. Call our offices today at (972) 843-7158 to schedule a free initial consultation.



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