What Are the Benefits of Custody Mediation?


Plano custody mediation lawyerNews of a divorce is likely to upset your child. But yelling and screaming at your spouse will not put your child at ease. Choosing mediation over arguments is one big step toward putting your child first. If you are getting a divorce, mediation can greatly benefit the kids. Research shows that children tend to do better after a divorce when they have parents who communicate and compromise without tensions rising.

Eliminating Additional Turmoil

Mediation involves a third party to help parents come up with answers relating to custody issues. A mediator – who might also be an attorney – will take into account the big picture as it relates to divorce and attempt to guide the conversation in a productive direction. A bitter custody battle can be traumatizing for a child, but if the child sees their parents communicating it can help reduce their emotional turmoil. So even if you do not see eye to eye with your soon-to-be-ex, an experienced mediator may help you stay on track and ensure that discussions are less stressful.

Mediation Can Lead to Better Co-Parenting Compared to Litigation

When children are involved, the parents will be a part of each other’s lives forever. Meditation teaches parents effective communication, flexibility, and negotiating skills. It is ideal for both parents to play an active role in the life of their child, and it teaches parents how to better compromise for the sake of the child.

Researchers have looked at the effects of mediation versus litigation in child custody cases and found that even years after a divorce, mediation encourages both parents to remain a part of their children's lives without increasing conflict. It also found that parents who did not live in the same house as their children were three times more likely to see their children weekly following a mediated agreement compared to parents who engaged in litigation.

Mediation allows both parents to talk about their parenting plans at length while a mediator helps them work out any differences and reach an agreement. A judge may not necessarily take into account unique family circumstances or personally important holidays for example, but mediation gives parents more control in the decision-making process. Research shows parents are more likely to follow through if they worked together on a plan to raise their children after the divorce.

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