I Brought Up the Idea of Divorce to My Spouse, and They Reacted Poorly. What Should I Do?

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collin county divorce lawyerThe decision to file for divorce is rarely easy, but it can be even more challenging if your spouse reacts poorly to the idea. It is not uncommon for spouses to respond with anger, denial, or sadness when they hear the news that their partner wants a divorce. Recently, we wrote a blog detailing different ideas about bringing up the idea of divorce to your spouse. Today, we will discuss what happens if you mention getting a divorce to your spouse and they have an adverse reaction to the idea. As always, contact an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that the divorce process is followed correctly and that your rights remain protected at all times.

What to Do Once You Bring up Divorce to Your Spouse

While you may feel a rush of relief once you finally bring up the idea of divorce to your spouse, this feeling of relief may be quickly vanquished if your spouse reacts badly to the idea. Keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Listen to their concerns – It is essential to listen to your spouse’s concerns and acknowledge their feelings. Even if you disagree with their reaction, try to understand where they are coming from and validate their emotions. This may help to de-escalate the situation and make it easier to move forward.

  • Be clear about your reasons for divorce – If your spouse is reacting badly to the idea, it may be helpful to be clear about your reasons for the decision. This can help them understand your perspective and may make the process easier for both parties.

  • Seek the assistance of a mediator or therapist – If your spouse struggles to accept the idea of divorce, it may be helpful to seek the help of a mediator or therapist. These professionals can provide a safe and neutral space for both parties to discuss their concerns and work towards a resolution. 

  • Stay focused on your goals – Always stay focused on your goals and why you decided to bring up the idea of divorce. This can help you remain strong and committed to the process, even if your spouse struggles to accept it.

Contact a Collin County Divorce Attorney

Contact the established Plano divorce lawyer with Law Office of Brian Bagley for matters pertaining to a divorce. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure all measures are followed legally and that your rights remain protected and advocated for throughout the process. Call (972) 843-7158 for a free consultation.



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