When should you tell your child about your divorce?


Texas parents like you want what is best for your child in any situation. This is especially true in trying times. Divorce is no exception, even if you and your co-parent start the difficulties.

As such, you want to know as much as possible about tackling subject of divorce. You can start by deciding when to tell your child.

Tell them early

Psychology Today discusses the difficult topic of broaching divorce with your kids. They emphasize the fact that every child is different. They will all take the news in a unique way based on their age, personality and maturity level. You cannot predict or control your child's reaction. You can only make your best assumptions and work from there.

Generally speaking, they suggest that you tell your children sooner rather than later. This is independent of their age, maturity level and so on. Why? Because it gives them time, which is crucial. They need time to process the changes they will face in the future. They need the time to ask questions and adjust to the concept.

Why is sooner better than later?

Most children fear the instability and uncertainty that divorce brings with it. You will only compound these fears if you wait until the last minute to tell them.

Not only that, but children may develop a sense of distrust if you plan a divorce and do not tell them early on. They feel left out of important decisions. They may feel like they cannot trust you to be upfront with problems. To avoid these issues, talk to them as early as possible.

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