How can gray divorce affect you?


When you think of divorce, you may not immediately think of older adults who are close to retirement age.

Gray divorce typically occurs when an older couple legally divorces close to retirement age, and can carry some unique struggles and benefits with it.

Dealing with adult children

According to Psychology Today, adult children may have a variety of reactions to their parents’ divorce. Some may worry about having to take sides, while some may feel relieved or even confused about what will come next.

After so many years together, you and your ex-spouse’s divorce may seem like it came out of nowhere to your children. Talking honestly and directly with them can help you break the news, as well as answer any questions they may have.

Figuring out money matters

One of the biggest financial hurdles older workers face is determining how much money to save for retirement. After a divorce, you may find yourself using the money you thought you had saved in order to pay for fees or living expenses.

Adults who did not go back to the work force after raising children may find themselves struggling to find jobs that can support them after a gray divorce. Planning for this change in income ahead of time by making a budget may help you.

Adapting to a new social life

After a divorce later in life, you may have more time to reach out more to friends and family. Scheduling trips out with loved ones can help you nurture important relationships and reduce stress from this lifestyle change. Gray divorce may present unique struggles, but it also gives you an opportunity to spend time on personal growth.

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