Custody disputes and holidays


During any time of the year, disputes that revolve around child custody can be the most difficult part of the divorce process for many parents. However, during holidays, such as Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and so on, custody disputes can be particularly hard. Not only do parents and children sometimes suffer from an emotional standpoint, but families may be distracted by holiday celebrations. It can be hard to accept the ways in which life has changed due to a divorce, especially on holidays.

Some parents postpone their divorce until holidays have passed, while others find themselves in a drawn-out divorce that carries on through multiple holiday celebrations. Even after a divorce, parents may have uncertainty about how the holidays will work out due to visitation and custody matters. If you anticipate a bitter custody dispute coming up during a holiday, it is imperative to focus on your case and do what you can to ensure that holiday celebrations do not interfere with your custody case or other aspects of your divorce.

Approaching your divorce in the right way may make the process easier for the entire family and having a clear understanding of the best approach is very valuable. You should review the unique aspects of your custody case and other factors that may influence how it pans out, such as your employment situation and daily schedule. Ultimately, the best interests of your child should always be a top concern, and you may have to discuss what is happening with your child in order to minimize the emotional toll of a custody dispute.

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