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When you pay child support in Texas and lose your job or experience other circumstances that have a big impact on your life, you may seek to have your child support order undergo modification. If you are currently receiving child support and your child’s needs have changed, you may also want to request a child support review. 

Whatever side of the coin you fall on, the Attorney General of Texas reports that the process involved in requesting a child support review remains the same. 

Assessing eligibility

The first step in the process involves finding out whether you are eligible for a child support order modification. You may be able to have your order modified if it first took effect more than three years ago and the amount of it differs by either 20% or $100 based on what today’s child support guidelines would dictate. 


As a parent, the holiday season already brings on multiple stressors: get-togethers, travel, budgeting, meal planning and religious practices. Through all of this, your child is home from school and you will have to balance co-parenting with your ex-partner.

The holiday stressors often overburden many, but taking steps to avoid upcoming triggers may serve you and your child well.

1. Write down your child’s wishes.

Ask your child what is the most meaningful and important part of the season for him or her. Work towards these hopes as you make your holiday plans.


Texas parents like you want what is best for your child in any situation. This is especially true in trying times. Divorce is no exception, even if you and your co-parent start the difficulties.

As such, you want to know as much as possible about tackling subject of divorce. You can start by deciding when to tell your child.

Tell them early

Psychology Today discusses the difficult topic of broaching divorce with your kids. They emphasize the fact that every child is different. They will all take the news in a unique way based on their age, personality and maturity level. You cannot predict or control your child's reaction. You can only make your best assumptions and work from there.


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As a recently divorced parent in Texas, you may worry about the future. After all, adjusting to a new child custody situation and visitation scheduling is hard for anyone. Certain hurdles often make the transition even harder than it needs to be, too.

And when you are dealing with a spiteful co-parent on top of everything else, you could be in for an unpleasant experience. This is especially true if your co-parent attempts to alienate you.

Causes of parental alienation

Psychology Today examines parental alienation syndrome. They look at its impact on both parents and their children. Parental alienation occurs when one parent decides they do not want their child and co-parent to have a good relationship. The alienating parent may rationalize this in many ways. They often do not think they are doing anything wrong.


There are many financial aspects to a divorce, but the top priority for courts is child support. It is essential to maintain a quality of life for the children in a situation, and child support helps to meet that goal.

While every situation is different, there are a few guidelines that apply to every situation. You want to be aware of these points whether you pay or receive support.

Tax implications

Forbes explains there are no taxes on child support. You will not include it as income if you receive it, and you will not include it as an expense if you pay it. Unlike child custody, which can impact your taxes, child support will not affect it so you do not need to plan ahead for tax time.

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