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shutterstock_1864643452-2-min.jpg Postnuptial agreements, or postnups, are a legal arrangement between two spouses created after marriage. While prenuptial agreements are more well-known and spoken about, postnuptial agreements are equally important and can have many benefits. Generally, a postnup includes how the couple’s assets and debts will be divided if they decide to divorce or separate. They differ from prenuptial agreements, created before marriage; postnuptial agreements are made once a couple has already married. As you decide whether a postnuptial agreement is suitable for you, contact a family lawyer to learn more about the process and see whether it is something you would like to pursue. 

Advantages of a Postnuptial Agreement

The following are the advantages of signing a postnuptial agreement, including:

  • Protection of assets – A postnuptial agreement can protect both spouses’ assets in the event of a divorce or separation. This type of agreement can outline how property, investments, and other assets will be divided and address any debts incurred during the marriage.


Parker divorce lawyerSocial media has become an integral part of our daily lives. We use it to connect with friends and family and share our thoughts, experiences, and significant life events. However, social media can have many unintended consequences, particularly in divorce proceedings. Therefore, if you are a social media user, you must understand how social media can affect your divorce. If your marriage is heading toward a divorce, consider contacting a divorce attorney to understand your rights and legal options.

Be Careful Using Social Media During Divorce

First and foremost, social media can be used as evidence in divorce proceedings. Anything you post on social media can be used against you in court, even if you have deleted the post. For example, you could claim financial hardship and then post pictures of expensive vacations or purchases. Your spouse could use these posts against you to argue that you are not being truthful about your finances. 

Social media can also be used to gather evidence of infidelity. For example, if one spouse posts pictures or messages that suggest they are having an affair, the other spouse can use that evidence in court. Similarly, social media can be used to prove or disprove claims of abuse or neglect.


plano prenup lawyer Prenuptial agreements, popularly referred to as “prenups,” are a type of legal contract that outlines how a couple’s assets will be divided if they ever were to get a divorce. While prenups can provide valuable financial protection, bringing up the topic with your fiancé can be delicate. Let us discuss some tips for signing a prenuptial agreement with your fiancé while minimizing adverse reactions. If you are interested in learning more about prenups, contact a family law attorney to ensure you understand the legal implications of a prenup and answer any other questions you may have. 

Essential Considerations for Approaching the Subject of Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

The following tips are how you should go about mentioning a prenup to your fiancé, including

  • Choose the right time and setting -  Timing is crucial when discussing sensitive topics like prenuptial agreements. Choosing a moment when you and your fiancé are relaxed and not preoccupied with other concerns is essential. Try to find a quiet, comfortable setting to have an open and honest conversation without annoying distractions.


plano mediation divorce lawyer Family law mediation can be a great way to resolve disputes and reach an agreement outside court. It can be less expensive and less time-consuming than courtroom litigation, allowing both parties more control over the outcome of the proceedings. However, you must know some essential things before participating in family law mediation. Today, we will discuss what these essential things are. And remember, hiring a family law attorney with experience in mediation is a great first step to getting the process started or simply learning more about what the process entails.

Resolving Conflict Through the Mediation Process

Mediation is typically voluntary. However, Texas courts may require divorcing parents to attend mediation in some cases. Additionally, mediation is a confidential process. Anything discussed during mediation cannot be used in court if the parties are unable to agree. This feeling of privacy is one of the many reasons why family law mediation is a preferred method for many.

It is also essential to understand the role of the mediator. The mediator is a neutral third party facilitating communication and guiding the parties toward an agreement. The mediator does not make decisions for the parties, and they do not provide legal advice.


plano divorce lawyer Limited scope representation is an alternative to traditional full-service representation in divorce cases. In limited scope representation, a lawyer provides legal services to a client for a specific part of a case rather than representing them throughout the entire case. Today, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding limited scope representation. As always, contact a divorce attorney who provides such services to start the process for all matters relating to limited scope representation. 

Unpacking What Exactly Limited Scope Representation Entails

As touched upon at the outset, limited scope representation allows clients to hire a lawyer to handle specific aspects of the case. Many reasons exist for someone deciding to hire an attorney for limited scope representation in their divorce case. For example, one of the primary reasons some people opt for limited scope representation is its cost-effectiveness, as it allows clients to pay for only the legal services they need rather than paying for full-service representation. Limited scope representation can also be helpful for clients who wish to have more control over their case, as they can handle some aspects of their case independently while still receiving legal guidance from an attorney. 

In divorce cases, limited scope representation can be used for various tasks, such as preparing documents, providing legal advice, and representing the client at a specific hearing or trial. The lawyer and client will agree upon the particular scope of representation, and the lawyer will provide legal services for those specific tasks. 

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