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What Are the 5 Benefits of Mediation in a Texas Divorce?

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Plano, TX divorce mediation lawyerGoing through a divorce is emotionally complicated and draining. The legal process is also tricky, but you can simplify things by adding mediation to your divorce. Divorce mediation offers more support and communication between both parties. With the help of an experienced divorce attorney, you can enjoy all the benefits of mediation and try to keep an amicable relationship with your ex-partner. 

Is There Less Conflict With a Mediation in a Divorce?

Contested divorces cause a lot of tension and animosity between spouses. In contrast, mediation offers a collaborative environment to settle issues. Mediation calls for a neutral third party present to encourage a stable agreement that both parties can agree to. 

Is It Cheaper to Use Mediation in a Divorce?

In a typical contested divorce, both parties must worry about court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses. With mediation, there are no lengthy, drawn-out court proceedings, which means you will need your attorney less. 

Does Mediation Make Your Divorce Quicker?

Divorces in Texas can take a long time to resolve. Mediation is known to bring faster results due to the collaborative efforts of both ex-partners. When both parties agree quickly, there is less need for long court proceedings about complicated issues like division of assets and child custody.

Is Mediation Better for the Children in a Divorce?

When kids are involved, a divorce does not end a relationship with your ex-spouse altogether. Ex-spouses can have a cordial relationship with the help of mediation. Mediation encourages the communication and collaboration needed for successful co-parenting. 

Can Couples Customize Their Divorce Agreement With Mediation?

Mediation meetings allow for individualization toward your divorce needs and circumstances. The judge decides for you in a contested divorce based on set guidelines. But with mediation, both parties determine specific plans you can agree on.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Mediation in a Texas Divorce?

While mediation has its benefits, it is not ideal for every divorce. Mediation often aligns with agreed or uncontested divorces. If one party is unwilling or has more power than the other, it could bring less than favorable results. Complicated finances and business dealings can also make mediation seem like a less appealing option. Whether you are seeking mediation or looking to take your divorce to court, the work of a divorce attorney can make things go much smoother. 

Contact a Plano, TX Divorce Attorney for Help

Divorce is not easy, but you can make things easier for you with mediation. If you and your spouse are exploring your options with mediation, a Collin County divorce attorney can help you decide what to do about important issues. The Law Office of Brian Bagley works to support couples through mediation and contested divorces. Our experienced attorney can provide support for your unique circumstances. Please call 972-422-2424 for a free consultation.

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