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Special Considerations for Military Couples Facing Divorce

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Plano, TX military divorce lawyerMilitary families face a unique set of challenges that can make the divorce process even more complex. The military has its own legal system, which can be different from the civilian legal system. This can make it difficult for military couples to understand their rights and options during divorce. If you are a military couple considering divorce, then it is best to seek legal help from an experienced Texas divorce attorney right away.

How Does Deployment Affect Divorce?

Military deployments can put a strain on any marriage. It can be especially difficult for couples who are going through a divorce. The service member may be gone for months or even years, and they may be exposed to danger and trauma. The non-military spouse may be left to care for the children and household alone, and they may also have to deal with financial hardship.

What Happens to the Benefits?

Military couples who divorce may lose some of the benefits they were entitled to as a couple, such as health insurance, housing, and retirement pay. It is important to understand how divorce will affect your benefits before you file.

How Does Military Divorce Affect the Children?

Divorce can be very hard on children. They may face troubles in many aspects of their life due to a divorce. Children with military parents are no different. They may have to move schools often, change living situations, and adjust to new surroundings. Military couples should think about their children's well-being and make decisions that put their children's needs first.

Does Divorce Impact Military Careers?

Divorce can hurt a military member's career. It is not unusual for a divorce to lead to missed promotions or reassignments. Couples should understand how divorce can affect a military career so they can minimize the impact.

What is The Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA)?

The USFSPA is a federal law that protects the rights of former spouses of military members. The USFSPA sets forth guidelines for how military retirement pay can be divided in divorce proceedings. Understanding the USFSPA and how it applies to your specific situation can help you during divorce proceedings.

Contact a Collin County Military Divorce Attorney

Military couples considering divorce in Texas should get help from an experienced Plano, TX, divorce attorney. An attorney from the Law Office of Brian Bagley can help you understand your rights and options and help you navigate the divorce process. A free consultation is available by calling 972-422-2424.

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