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How Can a Father Get Child Support From His Ex-wife?

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Collin County, TX child support lawyerA top priority of any father is ensuring his child's needs are met. If you are not receiving the child support owed by your ex-spouse, do not worry—there are steps you can take to make sure your child gets the support they deserve.

You can start by filing a petition for child support with the Collin County Family Court. This is a common route where the court calculates child support based on both parents' incomes, the number of children, and their needs.

If you and your ex-spouse can work together, you might negotiate a child support agreement. This friendly approach can be put into a court order to ensure your child's financial stability.

When facing legal challenges, consider seeking advice from a child support lawyer. They can assist you with filing a petition, negotiating an agreement, or enforcing an existing order.

What are the Steps a Father Should Follow?

Begin by submitting a child support petition online or via mail to the Collin County Family Court. Ensure your ex-wife receives the petition—this can be done by delivering it personally, sending it by mail, or using a private process server.

Prepare for a hearing where both sides present evidence. Your testimony, along with your ex-wife's, helps the court decide on the child support amount.

The court will issue a child support order once they reach a decision. This document outlines the payment amount, start date, and how payments should be made. You can ask the court to enforce the order If your ex-wife chooses not to follow it. This might involve actions like wage garnishment, license suspension, or property liens.

Other Things That Can Help a Father Claim Child Support

Additional tips to help you succeed in claiming child support from your ex-wife include:

  • Maintaining clear records of your income and expenses 

  • Keeping track of all communication between you and your ex-wife about child support, including emails, text messages, and phone calls

  • Gathering any proof you can of your ex-spouse's income such as tax returns, pay stubs, or bank statements (but make sure you do everything legally)

  • Expecting to discuss your income, expenses, and the needs of your child

  • Being willing to compromise with your ex-wife in order to reach a fair agreement on child support

  • Remembering that a child support lawyer can offer valuable guidance

Regardless of the relationship between you and your ex, it is important to remain respectful. Doing so can help create a more positive atmosphere and possibly help reach a more amicable agreement.

Contact a Plano, TX Family Law Attorney

It is important to remain patient and persistent when trying to get child support from an ex-spouse. By understanding your options, following the steps, and seeking appropriate help, you are taking positive steps toward your child's future. The child support process can be a long one and it will help to receive advice from an experienced Collin County, TX, family law attorney. The Law Office of Brian Bagley can assist you with personalized advice and act as a guide through this journey. To set up a free consultation, call 972-422-2424 today.


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