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3 Common Reasons Older Adults Divorce

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Collin County, TX divorce lawyerThe term “gray divorce” is normally used when a couple gets divorced after the age of 50 years old. While ending a marriage at this age used to be very uncommon, today nearly one in four people going through a divorce is over 50 years old. There are a number of social and cultural reasons for this, ranging from the general de-stigmatization of divorce to the increased retirement age. 

How is Getting Divorced At an Older Age Different? 

Couples divorcing at this age may have a special set of concerns. While people getting divorced in their thirties may be primarily worried about who will have custody of their minor children, older couples may be more worried about dividing their retirement savings or planning for future care needs. 

Just as the legal needs of older adults during divorce differ from those of younger adults, the reasons for seeking a divorce may also be different. Older adults are somewhat more likely to have an amicable divorce than their younger counterparts, which also suggests that divorce mediation is more likely to succeed in their cases. Both you and your spouse should be represented by independent attorneys. 

Common Reasons for Divorce After 50 

Older adults can get divorced for almost any reason. Commonly cited reasons for gray divorce include: 

  • Empty nests - If you and your spouse got married when you were younger and spent the last 20 years raising your children, you may find that things are different when they have grown up and moved out. During this time, you may find that you and your spouse have both changed and matured. If you were primarily staying together for the purpose of raising your children, this may be the right time to end your marriage. 

  • Health differences - It can put strain on a marriage when one spouse has remained vibrant and youthful while the other has developed serious health concerns related to aging. If one of you will soon need skilled nursing care and the other is an avid hiker, your interests and needs may have diverged to a point where staying married would be difficult. 

  • Drifting apart - Many people are living much longer. This may mean that you and your spouse have been together for a very long time and still have long lives ahead of you. In these situations, married couples may simply drift apart and choose to separate to pursue different life paths. 

Regardless of the reasons for your divorce, you should know that you are not alone. Gray divorce has become steadily more common and will likely continue to do so. 

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