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Do You Have Questions About Child Protection?

When you’re at risk of losing your children, having an experienced attorney is crucial. The Law Office of Brian Bagley, PLLC, has represented clients throughout Texas. We have a list of frequently asked questions below for your convenience. After reading through the answers, it is important to call our firm as soon as possible. We listen to each client with compassion and understanding. Together, we can find the light at the end of the tunnel. Contact our office in Plano today at 972-910-2203 or email us.

Q: What is the purpose of Child Protective Services (CPS)?

A: Their goal is to protect children. If a home is deemed unsafe due to neglect or abuse, they will remove the child. Once a report is filed, they are required by law to investigate the claim. This process can start with or without a court order.

Q: How long will they investigate my case?

A: Every case is different, but it typically lasts 45 days from beginning to end.

Q: What if I am falsely accused?

A: Having an attorney is the best thing you can do to defend yourself. Our job is to help you build the strongest possible defense. We will examine all areas of your case and discuss potential solutions.

Q: What rights does CPS have?

A: When they knock on your door, you have the right to not answer. However, they can come back with a court order that will allow them to come in. If they enter without your permission, you should call the police. If you let them enter voluntarily, you can ask them to leave at any time. They also cannot open drawers or closets without your permission.