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Answers To Common Child Custody Questions

Making sure your children are taken care of is one of the most important parts of a divorce. Emotions can run high, and it’s normal to be nervous about their future. The Law Office of Brian Bagley, PLLC keeps the best interest of your child at every stage of the process. We have worked with parents throughout Texas come up with a child custody arrangement they can be comfortable with. For your convenience, we have a list of frequently asked questions listed below. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case further, call our office in Plano at 972-910-2203 today. You can also fill out our online contact form.

Q: Does the court favor the mother?

A: While this used to be standard, it is a thing of the past. The court will now look at both parents equally and decide what will work best for the child. Just because you are the father does not mean you are at a disadvantage.

Q: How will a judge determine custody?

A: There are a number of factors that the court will take into consideration. The relationship between each parent and the child, where the child goes to school and the health of each parent are a few common examples. Their No. 1 priority is placing the child where they will thrive.

Q: Can we come up with an agreement on our own?

A: Yes. Through mediation or arbitration, it is possible to avoid going to court altogether. If you and your spouse can make it work, this is an option that allows you to tailor a solution to your unique situation. We can remain neutral and help you get this accomplished.

Q: What happens if our custody arrangement no longer works for us?

A: It’s important to know that modifications can always be made. As life goes on, your current agreement may no longer work. We can analyze what areas aren’t working and determine ways to fix it.